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Burgernatomy 101

Over the Christmas holidays I grabbed an afternoon to myself and headed to downtown to do some drawing of old buildings and stock up on art supplies from Mona Lisa on 17th (it’s seriously a tragedy that such a nice art supply store should have such a sh**ty website). I stopped for lunch at the Rose & Crown for a pint and a burger and some time sitting in the old dark-wood-and-brass splendour of the place. I ordered a burger with guacamole (which is a brilliant combination if you’ve never tried it) and sat back with my pen to draw. I must have been hungry because the first thing that came to mind was drawing a really, really big burger. It was a challenge to think of unique toppings for the burger, and as it got taller I thought it might be hard for the non-discerning viewer to identify them, so I started labeling them. By the end it looked more like an anatomy diagram than a burger, but the overall aesthetic appeal was still there, although it had a bit more of a scientific demeanour. The real burger arrived. It was fabulous. I told the server that it was the best burger I’d ever had, and I wasn’t lying. Pure ground beef paradise. On a bun. Did I mention that everyone around me was getting over the flu? I downed the burger and wandered up 17th. It was too cold to draw, but I enjoyed the walk and was looking for a shot of espresso for dessert. By the time I got to Mona Lisa I was feeling a bit green. Not one to be easily dissuaded from an afternoon of leisure I pressed on and found a boutique coffee. The problem is, that burger just would not digest itself. I felt like I had a large stone in my gut. My burps tasted like burger. 24 hours later the burger remained there, clearly outlined in my stomach. 48 hours I was finally free of the burger-flavoured burps. Also, I ate my first meal in two days. 72 hours later I was nearly 100%, but without much of an appetite still. I actually lost weight over Christmas. My friend Lee would call it the ‘Pourly Handled Poultry diet’. It’s take me a month to get over the memory of the P.B.E. (Post-Burger Era, as I’ve been referring to it in my head) before I could post this photo without sort of a wiggly feeling in my stomach. I think it will be a while before I tackle a burger like that again. In the meantime, the drawing is kinda fun. I hope you enjoy it much more than I do now) *burp*


  1. I LOVE burgernatomy! Nice detailed sketch….*mouth watering*…however too big to bite, would need to eat in sections!

  2. Great sketch for a great burger that I wish to tast one day! 😉
    greetings from Italy!

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