A child of the creative process, Michael Hepher spends his days immersed in the visual arts.

Whether painting, drawing, or operating a vintage Chandler & Price letterpress, Michael’s style is marked by bold lines, impatient strokes and bright colour. He wields the brush, the woodblock, the press, the pencil to capture the emotion and meaning of everday details, so often overlooked and undervalued, and tells their stories.

Michael has exhibited widely in British Columbia. His work can be found in private collections throughout Western Canada. Many of his prints have travelled farther afield to places like Helsinki, Finland, and Chicago, Illinois.

A number of Michael’s public art works, co-created with artist-blacksmith Paul Reimer, have been installed in downtown Cranbrook. The duo’s most ambitious work, the Reconciliation Sculpture, was recently unveiled at the YXC airport.

Ever the servant to his trade, Michael has studied art privately and at the graduate level, and honed his skills as a commercial illustrator and graphic artist for more than a decade.

Michael currently lives with his family in Fernie, British Columbia.

You can follow michael on twitter. For more information go to the contact page.


  1. Michael Siebold

    Michael, these are spectacular paintings, I had never seen them or heard about them. I look forward to seeing them on a wall somewhere soon, thank you for your art, Michael

    • Michael,

      Thanks! Somehow I missed your comment here a couple months ago. There are a few out there on walls, I hope you run into one soon too! Or you can drop by our gallery in Fernie and see a couple there. http://www.clawhammer.ca should get you there. Cheers! mike

  2. adit

    just a wee note 🙂
    saw (what i believe to be your’s) Stuck in my Earthsuit, which lead me here.. must say i really like your stuff..

    don’t know exactly what was in your mind with Earthsuit.. but it reminds me of how oblivious i am to being stuck in mine.. and how i long to have eyes to see EVERYTHING better 🙂

    so thanks 🙂

    • Adit,

      Thank you for your comment! I believe you’ve gotten out of it what I had hoped. We are all on a journey to understand ourselves and the world around us, so I hope you find little bits of hope in that every day.

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