foothills near Hwy 22 in AlbertaIn a rare moment I found myself with a few hours on a Saturday afternoon with a canvas gesso’d and ready to paint. I even had an idea waiting for this moment so I didn’t have to much prep, just clarifying the idea in my head and off to the studio for a bit of time under the spell of the brush and canvas. I snapped a couple of photos on the way to Calgary, AB. before Christmas. That drive on Hwy 22 has a picture-perfect landscape for about 120kms without ceasing. There were also some interesting clouds that added to the composition. Someday I’ll actually get to stop, drive off the road and paint, but for now I have to settle for iPhone photos from the driver’s seat. I am fairly pleased with this. It’s not a big canvas, and I fought a bit with the lightness of it due to painting snow, sky, and clouds, but overall I feel it’s a decent effort for the amount I am actually painting right now. I’m looking forward to doing more of this. Oh, and it’s for sale. $250 should about cover it if there is any interest there, email me or go to my Etsy store.

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