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A Peak at the Steeples

Anie and I spent the afternoon last weekend in Fernie, and on our way home in the late afternoon the sun was turning the Steeples range into a light-show. As we crossed the bridge into Wardner I got Anie to snap a couple of photos of the inspiring scene for later reference. One evening this week I carved out some time to do some painting and since the image was still fresh in my mind I decided to tackle the scene you see above. It’s not a big painting, measuring 11″ w x 14″ h but the smaller size makes it simpler to fit these ‘sessions’ into a pretty busy life with work and teaching two courses at the college this semester. I am already feeling a boost in confidence with this regular painting. It feels like I am actually able to sit down and iron out some of the components that constitute my ‘style’. Eventually I’d like to push myself to a space where I am working more and more abstract, but for now I am happy to sink my teeth into some more straight up landscapes as I improve my technique and understanding of the medium.

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