1. I am very fond of your sketches, Mike. Have you ever thought about illustrating a children’s book? I think it would be very cool.


  2. Shari,

    I’d love to, I have written a few rough drafts of kids books, but haven’t happy with the results of the text so far, so haven’t been inspired to do any drawings for them. If you ever hear of anyone looking for illustrations for a kids book let me know.

  3. Shari Schwarz


    I meant to ask you about this while we were up there… Maybe you could come at it from the other direction…use the illustrations to inspire the words?? I will let you know if I know of anyone. I know I’d like to write a book…I’m actually working on a novel slowly but surely. But I’d really like to write a children’s book one day….the ideas have been swirling.

  4. michael hepher

    That’s not a bad idea Shari, I also have a few rough drafts of kids books, but no where near enough stamina to tackle a novel. Kudos to you on that.

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